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New Member's Area/Introduce Yourself
New Member introductions, Rules & etc.
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blonska63 · Jul 12
In roma nuova maglia
General Discussion
Feel free to talk about anything and everything survival related in this board.
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gobbet869 · May 3
In http://www.notenbrood.com/juventus/p-cristiano-ronaldo-489
A Little Scenario
Got a scenario worth discussing or even asking about, post it!
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BugginIn · May 12 '20
In “Economic Martial Law Will Be Declared”
Survivalist Type News
The News Section, Post anything in the current news or events!
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awastiishu · Jul 22
In The Vaccine Passport and Travel in the Age of COVID-19
Social Cube
Feel free to post anything & everything off topic here.
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BugginIn · May 12 '20
In Keep in touch with family - secure service
Religious, Faith & Spirtual Discussions
Feel free to talk about religious or spiritual items in this board.
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BugginIn · May 12 '20
In Is the coronavirus an act of God?
Resources & Preparedness Topics Replies Last Reply
Urban Survival
Everything to do with Urban Survival Information
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BugginIn · May 12 '20
In Survival List / Equipment
Homesteading and Off Grid
Gardening, Livestock, off grid stuff and Self-sufficiency can be discussed here.
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admin · May 14 '20
In How to Create an Effective Homesteading Checklist
Video's / Links to Videos
Suppl or Find links to survival related videos here shared by our members.
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BugginIn · May 12 '20
In Bio Sand Filter
Survivalist Tools
Education Materials, Resources to share and found, etc. post it in here.
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admin · May 14 '20
In The 10 Best Pieces of Backcountry and Survival Gear from SHOT Show 2020
Rebuilding after the SHTF/Long Term Planning
This section is for discussions on rebuilding topics, long term storage, planning and resources after.
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admin · May 14 '20
In Creating a Contingency Plan in the COVID-19 Era
Specific Interest Discussions Topics Replies Last Reply
The Mess Hall
Feel Free to post any recipes, food storage, vendors info, any food prep items can go here (Including Water/Filtration)!
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gobbet869 · Jul 25
In avlede oppmerksomheten fra eventuelle negative
First-Aid and Medical Station
Feel free to post anything in supplies, info links to share, how to, herbs, home remedies, alerts and such here.
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jiuer7845 · May 30
In Uses for Rubbing Alcohol
Communications Tower
Feel free to post anything communication related here; CB, Shortwave, email, contact lists, emergency broadcasts, etc.
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BugginIn · May 12 '20
In CB Radio Ten Codes
Hunting, Fishing & Trapping
Anything and everything to do with Hunting, Fishing, Trapping & Gathering can be posted in here.
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BugginIn · May 12 '20
In COVID-19's Effect On The KDFWR
Survival Gear, Weapons & Deals Topics Replies Last Reply
Firearms, knives & weapons!
Anything and everything to do with weapons can be posted in here.
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admin · May 13 '20
In Sharpening serrated knife blades
The Gear Rack
Post anything to do with gear, non weapon related in here. Such as Boots, vests, clothing, lights, etc, etc..
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Navigation & Orienteering
You can post anything on compasses, map reading, and navigation in this section.
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Barter Town / Good Deals Watch
Buy, Sell, Trade & Barter Area. Post Great Deals for others that you may run across!
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BugginIn · May 12 '20
In 5-12-2020 Dicks Sporting, 50% off items...